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21st August 31, 2019
Good morning,
Just wanted to thank you again for fixing these issues. The team fixing the baseboards was thorough and did an excellent job. One gentleman did indicate that the baseboard was not nailed to the wall properly. Kevin, you may want to pass that on to quality control.

The floor team also did a great job. They carefully fixed the floor. They did not have answers as to what caused the problem.

Both teams were professional and careful while in our home.

Thanks again for all your help.

Linda and Chuck

18th August 31, 2019
To: Tim Maley – General Manager
Just want to thank you for sending Dennis Doherty to our condo to repair our carpet. We moved here almost two years ago and had to call the original owner to find our where she purchased it. She informed us it was from Schoch Flooring. Dennis did a great job and he could not have been nicer.
Thanks again,

Mary K. De Bruler

Chris, the two men you sent out today are a couple of most professional guys I have see in the trades. they represent you and Schoch very well.

Aaron Herrington
Warranty Representative

Drees Homes